Cnpilot e410 wont't boot

my new cnpilot won`t boot.dhe power is ip to make firmware?

Please reset to default

power led on cnpilot is off .i make dhe reset.nothing

Poe adapter is 48V ?

Cambium poe any way to flashin firmware or any tools to run in safe mode cnpilot

If the LED is off, it means that the device does not start. How do you want to upload the firmware to a switched off device?

Cambium poe adapter 48V or 30V ?

The power adaptor is 48 v.i open dhe devic and make measurements on pcb board dhe volt is ok on all point measurment.

If the device does not work, report RMA


Can you please try powering up the AP using any PoE(802.3at or 802.3af) supported Switch?
Even with the switch if the AP is not powering then please go for the RMA

Yes i testet.nothink