cnPilot E410's down over the weekend?

I’ve just noticed that 6 of my 410’s have gone offline over the weekend.
They’re managed by the cnCloud which shows them as offline, the LED has gone green (rather than the usual blue), but they are still accepting wifi connections and allow access to the internet.
It looks like they all went down at exactly the same time, apart from one that’s been offline for a week.

I’ve rebooted a few of them, but they just go back to the green/offline/working state.

Nothing has changed on the network (esp, late on a Sunday evening), and but I don’t understand how they are still “working”?

Any ideas?


Could you please share tech-support of those devices, which are still offline and haven’t undergone reboot.

Please email tech-support to

Thank You.

That means that they lost connectivity with cnmaestro but configuration is still there.
If you are not using cnmaestro guest portal you are fine with the clients which are using wifi.

Can you try to ping from AP?
Also what the log on AP says?