cnPilot - E425 - Mesh Network

I’ve seen a few posts about mesh networking with the E425 series, but that’s using 2 units. I have a large home with 6 units and I know I can set one as the base and the others as clients, but I’m not sure how that will work with 2 levels. I also came across information for Enhanced Roaming, but from what I read, it doesn’t work with WPA2-PSK. That seems odd that you can’t use it with the most common type of password option. I would appreciate any ideas you have to enhance this network so the users will actually switch to the nearest AP when they wander.


Please help with deployment topology.

Currently all AP’s are hard wired. Three up and three downstairs. Quite a number of walls and all insulated. I have also been working with a support ticket and have enabled Enhanced Roaming to see if this will help. I don’t know yet if this has worked as I haven’t been back onsite.