cnPilot E430W not powering on after factory reset

I am trying to reeconfigure one of the cnPilot E430W outside of CNMaestro for testing.

I perfomred a facotry reset (?) on the cnPilot E430W by holding the reset button in for 15 seconds. I observed the device light on the fron tpower off and go to orange. Then it went off and I can no longer access the device and it does noat appear to be powering on.

I have the device plugged into a POE switch, but the poe switch (EdgeSwitch with POE+ turned on the port the cnPilot E430W is plugged into) is showing no power being drawn by the device and the light on the cnPilot E430W is not on. 

Any suggestions on how to move forward? Did I brick the device?

  • Could you please check "Chapter 19" in latest user guide document. 
  • How is PoE IN connected to e430
    • Back panel
    • Bottom panel
  • Could you please share me picture of PoE connection to device. (Side View)

I am not sure where to find ""Chapter 19" in latest user guide document"

The POE is (and has been) connected to ETH1 POE In

Attached is an image.

Thank You for the information.

  • As per information shared (No orange LED)
  • Could you please try to connect from the POE IN (Passthrough) which is available in below panel. Patch the ethernet ports that are  at back panel 


I have connected the network Cable fromthe POE swtich to the Passthrough port on the bottom of the E430W. I have aconnect the short 'jumper' cable to the Ehter1POEIn port to the Pass Thru port (as shown in your image).

The device still does not power on (no light on the front panel).

I am expecting orange LED but even that is not seen. Not sure but I think device is bricked. 

Thank you for the follw up.

What is the proper method of performing a factory reset on this device? Since holding the reset button for 15 seconds casued this issue. I have 8 more devices like this one and I do not want to brick another one.

  1. If you have access to devices, login to device via SSH or GUI
  • GUI
    • Navigate to Operations tab and click on "factory default".


  • SSH

<Hostname>(config)# delete config

  1. Device can be access via default IP

I do have access to the device. 

However it does not respond to that IP address you presented.

Is this the only method to perfrom a reset? How is the Reset button used?

  • Procedure to factory config using reset button

  • Since, one of the device is bricked, I would recommend using backdoor IP to access device via eth2/3 ports and do a factory reset via CLI or GUI. 
  • Access method is described in User Guide
    • Chapter 2
      • Device access using default or zeroconf IP.
      • Snippet of access method

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