cnPilot e500 and e501 configuration template

Dear Partners,

l Am having problem configuring cnPilot e501s

Are you able to give us more detail on the problems you are having?

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Hi , 

 Could you please elaborate on the issue . Is  the config push failing for you . What is the error which you are getting ?

Good Morning Sir,

Thanks for your response on this, We are currently installing e500 and e501s cnPilot AP's at CBN Training school in Nigeria. We need a configuration guide to show us details of what the configuration of Campus wifi should be like.

All the neccessary paramters required to setup this device successfully.


Secondly this equipment require upgrade, which of the cambium firmware software is required for these purpose.


Samuel Ukpong

Wifi Installer

Lawbert Technologies

Hi , 

    Are you using cnMaestro to push configuration or AP as standalone ?



Hi Samuel

Could you please helps us with the below details so that we can recommend you with the solution for your requirement.

Information  required to identify the wifi access point

  • Type of AP required dual band (2.4G + 5 G) wave 1 or wave 2 access point
  • Type of Wifi management platform required (cloud or on premise version of controller)
  • Would there be site survey done of the site.
  • Details about the RF environment at the site like (co-existence with any third party wifi device)
  • How will be the Access point be mounted (wall mount or celling mounted).
  • Kind of  RF coverage required (Indoor only or indoor + outdoor)

Information required for the wifi network design.

  1. Number of client that will be connecting to AP in a class room
  2. Type of devices like (ipad , phone, laptop) connecting to the AP
  3. Is encryption required on the wlan
  4. Type of authentication method required (PSK or 802.1x or web based authentication.)
  5. Details about the application used by the client (like voice , video, data)
  6. Is there a restriction on bandwidth per client.
  7. Does the Application require seamless roaming.
  8. Bandwidth of the WAN backhaul
  9. How will be the AP powered ON (adapter or POE)
  10. How will be the AP managed (cloud controller or on premise controller.)
  11. Who will issue the ip address to the wireless client (centralized dhcp server or AP)
  12. Is there any segregation of network like (student vlan and Staff vlan)