cnPilot E500 Mesh Client transmit power


Just recently deployed 3 e500's in a Mesh network on 5GHz and public wifi on 2.4GHz.

The two clients are seeing the Mesh AP at around -60dB, however the AP is only seeing the clients at around -80dB.

AP is  transmitting at 25dBm, but the clients are only transmitting at 3dBm.

Country code is IE and channel is set to 144.

Is this expected behaviour?

I would have expected to be able to set the Tx power in both the AP and client.

This is resulting in poor speeds at both client locations.

How can I set the Tx power on the client radios higher?

client tx power.JPG

We do not have any limitation of configuring any radio parameters of a Mesh Client except channel. Channel is always set to Auto, so that Mesh client can scan the channels to find Mesh Base and form a link.

Please try to configure Tx power on mesh client as below:

  • Login to UI
  • Navigate to Configuration -> Radio
  • Set Tx. power as per the requirement [Regulatory Domain]
  • Save the configuration

If you are still not able to configure it, please do send us the tech-support of the device. Please follow the steps below to capture tech-support on device:

  • Login to UI
  • Navigate to Operations
  • Click on Download Tech-Support

Thank You

Thanks  for your response.

Transmit power is set to 30 on the radio configuration page:

I am unable to attach the tech support info files for some reason.

I have opened a case with support and forwarded the files to them.

  • I could configure tx power on mesh client within limits of regulatory domain of IE country.
  • Tested in both bands and works exactly as per design.

Please let me know if you have any queries.

Thank You.

This is not working for me.

I set transmit power in radio config to 30 and it takes ok.

But in operation, mesh client is transmitting at only 3dB.

I've attached screenshots of AP and Client config screens and also dashboard of client showing just 3dB.

I have tried to recreate the issue based on the configuration file you have attached. I could not reproduce.

Tech-support will help us to undestand issue. Please send tech-support to

Thank You.

I am experiencing the same issue. The actual transmit power on the mesh client is reduced from the configured setting and is reflected in both the AP dashboard page and reported RX level at the Base unit.