cnPilot E500 : whats in the box?

The cnPilot E500 outdoor enterprise Access Point ships with a number of accessories in the box. While different SKUs/Part-Numbers have some differences, a typical cnPilot E500 AP includes the items pictured below:

(clockwise from the middle)

  • The E500 Access Point itself
  • Mounting Bracket (fits onto the back of the access point, includes options for wall mount and slots to install pole mounting clips)
  • 2 metal pole mounting clips
  • 2 cable gland connectors for the ethernet ports on the AP (protects the ethernet ports from dust and water ingress while allowing the cable to be securely fitted)
  • wall mounting kit (screws etc)
  • PoE injector (depending on Part number)
  • Not pictured, but depending on part number a country-specific power cord with appropriate plug 
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