CnPILOT e501s Port aux

I have mounted 4 CnPILOT e501s APs configured with 802.11af with a single POE and using the auxiliary cascade port.

Will I have problems, or would it be better to change it for a POE 56v 60W?

The 4 APs are operational

You wanted to say, single poe port spplying power for all the 4 E501S APs. If yes, this is not recommended. Typically each E501S consumes around 7 to 9 watts. To use PoE out on auxilary port, E501S AP has to be powered on using Cambium supplied PoE adopter 56V/30W or 802.3at swicthes.

Sorry for my English.
What you say is correct.
Then I configure them in pairs with POE Cambium 56V 30W.