cnPilot E600 - 5 Ghz Missing Channels (120, 122, 124, 128)

Hi there,

I wonder if I was wrong, but I can't find the mentioned channels above at cnMaestro. I'm in Germany 
and they should available for indoor use @ 1000mW. 

I've took a look at the E600 directly end figured out that when I set the country to Germany the channel list gets smaller (36 - 48, 100 - 116, 132 - 165) only when i set "France" as regulatory domain 52 - 64 and 100 - 116 showed again but 100 - 116 still can't be chosen by cnMaestro.

Please fix this asap because I'm going to deploy an installation in the next 2 weeks where the full  spectrum is needed.

Thanks in Advance, Denny

Really no plans to adress this fundamental issue? poor and sad!

It's hard to recomment Cambium products after my experiences since decembre 2017 (2 DOAs within 12 ordered E410) and this bad customer realtionship.

thanks for nothing!

Channels 120/124 etc were disabled in software because these require a long DFS scan time (10 minutes as opposed to 1min for other DFS channels). During this scan period the AP cannot service clients. We are looking at an option to allow these channesl to be statically set, but remove them from our auto-channel-selection.

For the inconsistent channel list between FR and DE we are updating the firmware and the fixes will be available in firmware version 3.8 which will shortly be in beta.