cnPilot e700 not in sync

Hi, i have 6 cnpilot e700 claimed by cnmaestro cloud. I have a sync problem the error report “Not In Sync: Configuration failed: country_code:Country-code is locked and cannot be changed”
I tried to change the country code from the web interface but i get the same error.
If i try to set country code other in cnmaestro it say “Not In Sync: Configuration failed: country_code:Country not supported on this sku”
Ok country code seems locked but how do i get cnmaestro to configure everything else if it always crashes on that entry? Unfortunately, cnmaestro forces me to choose a country code I cannot leave it blank.

I don’t know what else to do can someone help me please?

can you please share the output of “show version” command output of the AP or screenshot of APs Dashboard page

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