cnPilot Enterprise AP: Different ways to disable the Autopilot


This article demonstrates how to disable Autopilot.


There are two ways to disable autopilot and convert it to member/standalone /cnMaestro managed AP.

  1. Disable autopilot mode from the autopilot GUI.
  2. Disable autopilot mode from CLI.
  1. Disable autopilot mode from the autopilot GUI:

Navigate to autopilot GUI: Manage>>System and click on the option “Disable Autopilot”.

It will popup warning message as below. Click on the option “Yes” to disable autopilot mode.

  1. Disable autopilot mode from CLI:

Access the Autopilot Master using SSH and run below commands:

login as: admin

admin@'s password:

E400-90310E(config)# autopilot disabled

E400-90310E(config)# save

[Config Save OK]

E400-90310E(config)# reload

Reboot the device? (y/n): y

Notes: It is recommended to reboot AP from the GUI/CLI after disabling autopilot mode.