cnPilot EPSK Quota Limits

Hi just checking if there is any way to set Quota Limits on EPSK clients via cnMaestro ?

Some of my clients want to set Upload Limit per day for clients to harden data exfiltration.My personal feeling is this should probably be done on the firewall side but very few of the firewall manufacturers seem to actually have such a feature unless you want to suffer through guest portals and the like.

Is the requirement per client or a common rule for all clients.

Its mostly a common rule for all clients but requirement should effectively be enforced per client.There might be a VIP or 2 that gets excluded from the policy but for the most part virtually every ePSK that belongs to an WLAN.

IE every client can only upload 400 Megs max per day

I can think of a solution but need to test it and ensure it fits your requirement.

Is solution with ePSK and cnMaestro Guest access acceptable for your deployment.

Hi Cam that sounds doable I think.I’d have to double check with customer but I’d throw it into the lab before I go an trial it on his networks.

Hi Cam any luck with that setup ?

Sorry, forgot to update.

Solution is not feasible with cnMaestro based Guest Access.

Reason: User can login multiple times to get same quota configured once assigned quota is complete.

Thanks for the update