cnPilot Home Wi-Fi Release 4.8 - Highlights

The latest Cambium cnPilot Home Wi-Fi release 4.8 is a maintenance release. Firmware and all the documents are uploaded on the support site for supported platforms on the following links:

New feature in this release:

EZ UI Co-branding
The user can add the customized new logo next to Cambium Networks logo in the EZ-UI page. To upload customized logo under EZ UI Logo Upload, browse and select the logo, and then click Upload. To revert to the default logo setting, select Disable in the EZ UI Upload Setting. To customize the EZ UI, download EZ-UI cambium co-brand.css file from Cambium Networks Support site and modify as required.

Following issues have been fixed in this release:

Tracking ID Product Description
RBN-546 r190, r200 IPv6 address was not renewed when PPPoE renegotiated or reinitiated (IPv4 was working).
RBN-1037 r195 PPPoE server did not get response for two echo request from r201, and sent PADT.
RBN-1193 r195 When the raspberry client connected to LAN port, wrong information was displayed for LAN host and wireless host.
RBN-1331 r195 LAN and wireless clients were not getting IPv6 addresses.
RBN-1351 r190, r195, r200 An option has been added to change or co-brand the EZ UI interface.
RBN-1378 r190, r195, r200 The LAN DHCP server was active even after disabling it and rebooting.
RBN-1386 r190, r195, r200 RouterLimits has been replaced with Bark for Parental Control.
RBN-1398 r190, r195, r200 Warning has been added on top of the UI to change the factory default values for SNMP community.
RBN-1406 r195P 10-digit dialing was not working and local dialing (7 digits) was working as expected.
Enabling G.711U codec and disabling OPUS codec resolves this issue.
RBN-1429 r190, r195, r200, r201 The default URL to access EZ UI is changed to
RBN-1434 r195 After a successful configuration update, the configuration sync status indicated the Configuration failed: Device configuration does not match target state.