cnPilot Layer3 Roaming

Hi I have some customers that are using the epsk based WLANS connected to cnMaestro cloud that have some rather large premises and due to logistic and uptime needs they have quite a lot of wlan subnets to help segment traffic and terminate.

For the most part roaming between L3 domains will work though browsing sessions will usually fully time out before getting going again. The biggest issue we’ve faced is the staff use apps like WhatsApp Voice or MS Teams calls and calls completely get knocked out when L3 roaming.

I’ve tried to avoid GRE Tunnels for purpose of simplicity at these sites, but I take it that’s the only way to tackle somewhat seamless L3 roaming ? Just checking if there is no sort of mobility or anchor/foreign ap solution that I’ve missed.

Bleh I take it no other way except GRE ?

Will have to go in the lab and have a look what is what I suppose, but the solution has been working really well thus far.Was hoping there’d be some sort of controller handoff solution in place.
Was really hoping for a non-GRE solution.

@djdrastic - yes unfortunately no other option.

Thanks Kumar for confirmation.