cnPilot Management

What exactly can cnMaestro configure/manage on the cnPilot routers?

Can we easily configure things like port forwarding, etc on these devices from cnMaestro?  If not, is that in the pipeline?

i  have configured everythink by script configuration!

No response from Cambium?

Currently, using cnMaestro, you should be able to configure anything that would appear in a device's exported configuration file.  These files can be used as a basis for creating full or partial templates in cnMaestro which can then be pushed to multiple devices.

The file can be viewed from within cnMaestro in Configure -> Devices -> View (document icon).  They can also be downloaded from the device web UI in Administration -> Management -> Config File Upload & Download -> Download.

It may be easiest to set up the configuration you want on a single device, export its configuration, cut out the portion you are interested in and create a template in cnMaestro using that.

For your example I think the parameter would be