cnPilot Migration to 6.x and Wi-Fi 6/6E Mixed Deployments – Best Practices

cnPilot APs_4.X_to_6.X_migration_document_v1_1.pdf (278.2 KB)

We can refer to the attached document to upgrade cnPilot APs running with 4.X AP firmware image to 6.X AP firmware image. The document also lists best practices to manage cnPilot and XV / XE series mixed mode deployment.

cnPilot APs_4.X_to_6.X_migration_document_v1_1.pdf (278.2 KB)

Enterprise APs 6.X AP firmware image doesn’t support country code as “Others” and LLDP packets System Description field has been modified.

LLDP System Description field in 4.X:


Example: cnPilot e410

LLDP System Description field in 6.X:

Cambium Networks WiFi AP Model:Device model name, ESN:Device ESN number Ver:AP firmware version, BKVer:AP firmware image back version, D:Device agent version, Reg:Regulatory model

Example: Cambium Networks WiFi AP Model:XV2-2X00A00-RW,
ESN:BCE67C484689 Ver:6.4-r5, BKVer:6.3.5-r4, D:4.6.4, Reg:ROW

We can refer the updated migration document version 1.1