cnPilot not associated with SM on cnMaestro

We have a customer where the cnPilots are showing in cnMaestro after onboarding but are not showing up under the SM in the equipment list. To make things more confusing, sometimes they will shw under the SM for a while and then fall out. When they are not under the SM they show up in the list at the end and are lined up with the tower, in other words one column left of the APs.

This seems to be independent of firmware version as it has happened on cnPilots with 2 or 3 versions back as well as the same ones updated to current.

To make things more confusing I have seen the cnPilots go from the end of the list to under the correct SM for a few houors and then go back to the end again.



I manage numerous WISP's experiencing the same issue. One day they are under the SM - the next day they're not.

Any update would be appreciated.


Please send me below information (Email id:

  1. AP, SM  and cnPilot(r200, r201 or  r190) configurations.
  2. Network topology.



Please see Ticket 148552, which has been open for almost 1 month. With no progress.


HI Niraj

AP,SM & R201P Configurations emailed,  The topology is a basic PMP AP---SM---R201P. All L2 through to the R201P WAN interface.

cnMaestro - Cloud 

I understand a support ticket created by community member Tarball is open regarding this issue – 148552 – perhaps this can be tracked formally, please?

I have had this issue as well, I got everything flowing correctly and in harmony then I put the SM Management into a Vlan and that really threw the CnPilots into a fit, They now all sit in their own group under my towers. I could put them back into the Tower groups but its not the solution, but a workaround. It seems they maybe linked to the management side of the SMs. 

I have received your email and update you asap.



OK, it looks like we finally have a solution. Today I changed the cnPilot from VLAN 1, the default, to the management VLAN the SM is in. This appears to do the trick.

I did it to 2 cnPilots on the customer site and they literally jumped to under the SM after the reboot was complete. I have informed the customer on the procedure and they will be addressing the remainder of the devices and reporting if any are not corrected.


Also note SM management VID passthrough option must be enabled.



I have the SM's in a management VLAN and the CPE (R201P) running in NAT Mode. The SM adds and strips a VLAN for CPE traffic accordingly. Management & User Traffic are in separate VLAN's!

CPE's still move to and from SM at will and therefore putting  SM's and CPE's in the same broadcast domain is not a solution I will not be able to adapt.

I do hope Cambium are investigating this issue accordingly.


As per network topology in Ticket 148552, two VLANs are configured in SM450, One  VLAN for Data(VLAN 10) and another VLAN  for Management(VLAN 30) and Management VLAN pass-through option is Enabled.

Please see the attached network diagram or correct me if there is anything wrong.

In this case, Management related (Management IP, other Link layers) information of 450SM   are forwarded to R-series with Management VLAN 30 but the traffic/packets are dropped by R-Series(R20X)   as there is no Management interface with VLAN 30.  Due to this, R-Series is not able to send the information of  Peer Device(SM 450) to cnMaestro. 

cnMaestro is not getting the proper information to show up the R-Series(R20X)  under the SM in the equipment list.

In Current network topology Diagram:

Current Topology


Please create the new sub-interfaces  with VLAN 30 for management in R-series (R20X) and enabled the Management VLAN pass through option in SM 450.

The management and Link layer information traffic/packets of SM 450  are tagged and forwarded to R-Series with VLAN 30 or tagged management traffic of SM  are forwarded to R20x if Management VLAN pass-through option is Enabled. 

Similarly,  Tagged management traffic/packets of R20X are forwarded to SM 450  and uplink networks.

In modified network topology Diagram:

 Please let me know if you have any query.