Cnpilot outdoor E501 S series AP


we using cambium cnpilot outdoor E501 S series AP. Once reset the AP both the leds glowing in orange constantly & the default IP is not reachable.  kindly suggest what was the issue??


System or Power LED shall show as green once it is booted and Network LED shall be orange if AP is operated as stand alone AP. In any case system LED shall be shown as green color only during boot time it shall show as ornage color.

Can we provide remote access to system or request you to contact Cambium 24*7 Online support.

Would you please help us with some more details?

# The device was working when you recieved it freshly. You were able to access the device? If not what was the LED colors?

# When you say 'reset', is it the factory-reset using the HW button? 

     >> If yes, please help us to understand the reason to go for a factory reset?

     >> If yes, the button was pressed for how many seconds?

Would you please try the below procedure and see if the device comes up?

step-1: power on the device for 6 secs

step-2: remove the power cable

step-3: repeat the above two setps for 8 times

what are the LEDs color now?

Hello Support i have same issue and i have follow the procedure by Anoop but still get access the decive  Power Led is showing geen.

Thanks in advance