cnPilot R-190W - Cant see in CnMaestro

We have a cnPilot R-190W router at a customer location.

In CnMaestro, we “Claimed Device” using the serial number of the router. A text box came up and showed that is was a legimate device on our network.

It showed up on the “Onboarding Que” page with the correct serial number and MAC address and we approved it to be added to the list of devices on our network.

However, it has never showed up on our list of devices in our network.

Can someone at Cambium give us advise why CnMaestro would allow us to sucessfully claim it, then not add it to our list of devices on our network after we approved the router?

Hi Danny,

Could you please invite and to your account to have a quick look into the issue.


Hi Danny,
We can see from onboarding page that Device status is in Waiting for Device i.e. Device still didn’t connect to cnMaestro.
Could you please recheck whether device is up and running, Also check remote management is enabled from Device side.
If it still didn’t connected to cnMaestro, Please share us the device logs.


It is up and running. We will try to check on the remote management on the router side.