cnPilot R-series 4.7.1 Official Software Released

Hi all,
The latest firmware 4.7.1-R4 for R-series products is now available on the Cambium support site and also in cnMaestro.

It addresses many critical issues, some of which are listed below :

Supported Products : R190/R200/R201/R195W

  1. PPPoE termination/reconnection issues
  2. High CPU utilization
  3. Device inaccessibility
  4. Memory leak
  5. 5GHz radio initialization issue.
  6. CVE-2019-5097
  7. UDP DL throughput degradation over long time on 5 GHz


cnPilot Home Router 4.7.1 Release Notes.pdf (642.0 KB)

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How has the software been working for everyone?

I am wondering the same.

We have it deployed on over 200 r195 units. Haven’t had any complaints except for we have seen an instance of high latency on the ethernet that we haven’t been able to explain. We also shut off TXburst on wifi and disable IP conflict detection. Overall seems stable.

Update: 10-18-20
We are testing to resolve this high latency issue. Disabling hardware NAT to see if that resolves.

@anthonyw, thank you for the update. So just to be clear, you have updated to 4.7.1, shut off tx burst on wifi, disabled IP conflict detection and now hardware NAT?

correct, 4.7.1-r4. Now TX and IP conflict = off is a carry over from previous firmware configs. Still testing to see if hardware NAT is causing the latency issue.

Okay I had done the same as you pre 4.7.1-R4, but I tried using all default settings minus tx burst so I may implement disabling IP conflict and hardware NAT, thank you for the feed back

I am not convinced hardware nat on the 195 is an issue. Waiting a couple days to collect data from the effected customer / unit. It is the only one of over 200 that I have a report of this issue. though this is a “super” gamer.

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