cnPilot R-Series Repeater Configuration and Management with cnMaestro.

cnPilot R-series can be configured in AP and repeater mode . Repeater mode is used to extend range of  cnpilot R-series router .

This document only  covers , how to configure repeater mode through cnMaestro without login into cnPilot R-sesries device.

If you want to configure repeater mode using device GUI please follow ,



The first AP having wired internet link on WAN port is hereafter referred to as the BaseAP. The AP that will extend the internet link as a wireless extender will be referred to as a RepeaterAP. TheRepeater AP will connect with Base AP over the air. User devices will be able to connect to RepeaterAP as well as BaseAP.

Below are steps to follow to configure R-series router as range extender (one router in AP mode and other in Repeater mode):

1. Create AP group for both BaseAP and RepeaterAP in cnMaestro.

1.1 Create WLAN group for BaseAP. 

First we need to create WLAN group for BaseAP which will be added to BaseAP AP group. 

Configuration --> WLAN And AP Groups -->  New WLAN

1.2 Create WLAN group for RepeaterAP. 

Create WLAN group for Repeater AP which will be added to RepeaterAP group.

Configuration --> WLAN And AP Groups -->  New WLAN

1.3 Create BaseAP group.

Configuration --> WLAN And AP Groups -->  AP Groups --> New AP group.

1.4 Create RepeaterAP group.

Configuration --> WLAN And AP Groups -->  AP Groups --> New AP group.

2. Onboarding R-Series routers to cnMaestro.

Power up both the AP and connect their WAN to internet.  cnMaestro should be reachable from AP for it to be able to be on-boarded . 

R-series device comes with cnMaestro Auto discovery and you can on-board them to cnMaestro using serial numbers.

Onboard Devices --> Onboard --> Claim device.

If you want to use some other method for on boarding you can follow this article 

3. Configuration push from cnMaestro to R-Series router.

Once routers are on-boarded , it can be seen  in on-boarding queue(Onboard Devices --> onboard).

Push the configuration respective AP group configuration on R-series . Once Approved routers will go for reboot  come up with new configuration .

First push BaseAP configuration followed by Repeater AP configuration.

Devices can also be renamed its network location can be selected .

I have named My devices as BaseAP and RepeaterAP (from details tab) and have put them into RepeaterNW.

4. AP and Client STATS .

Both Wired and wireless Clients can be connected to BaseAP or RepeaterAP.

4.1 Base AP stats.

Monitor network --> Network -->AP

4.2 Repeater AP Stats.

4.3 Base AP clients stat .

4.4 Repeater AP client stat.