cnPilot R190/R200/R201 & DHCP Leases of DNS Values

Hello All,

We have had this chronic problem for a long time now with the cnPilots in that they appear to not configure themselves properly based on what you configure in the DHCP settings.  Under the DHCP lease settings the cnPilots default their DNS value to themselves, which I'm presuming is for captive portal and the like.  However, if you remove the default value of their own LAN IP address as their DNS value in the DHCP lease, even with it removed in the DHCP configuration, the cnPilot appears to still hand out their own LAN IP address as their DNS 1 value.  This actually prevents the deployment of additional DNS servers on the cnpilot as, at least from what we observe, the first DNS server is always the LAN gateway.  In earlier firmware versions we noticed the cnPilot would just stop responding to DNS queries and break the network... some of that seems to be remediated with newer firmware, although it might also be that we just make absolutely sure we have the appropriate DNS values in the router.  But despite whatever we do, we can't hand out 2 separate DNS values.

Any thoughts?


Hope i understood your problem, below is the solution,

1. Go to Network->LAN->DNS Mode -> Manual-> Configure your network Primary and Secondary DNS IP

2. Disable DNS Proxy at the bottom of the page, if you keep this enabled, LAN gateway will be the DNS1 ip for LAN side clients.

Now your LAN side PC will get DNS1 and DNS2 you configured. Attached screenshot.

Please revert back , for further queries.