cnPilot R190 routers and cnMaestro


I hope someone can shed some light on a strange issue I am having. 

I am testing the provisioning of cnPilot R190 routers, W and V versions, both on latestest software.

We have a default provisioning vlan setup, with dhcp that adds the device to Maestro, then once provisioned the port is chnaged to 2 vlans, a PPPoE broadband vlan and a management vlan

This all works just fine... kind of.

If I look at the router config file it all looks right, the wan connect type is PPPoE, the username and password is there, I can ping the managemnt IP but i never see an authenticate request hit my radius server, and now for some reason I cant connect to the management interface via a browser, not from the inside or outside, i.e. not even from the default 192.168.11.x range to, not cable or wifi.

To make things worse if I factory reset the device and plug my notebook into LAN 2 or 3 or whatver I get an IP via the routers DHCP service I can ping .1 but even at factory default I dont get a login screen, i cant even telnet to the cnPilot on port 80

But even in the defaulted stage I can get the unit to reconnect to cnMaestro if I set the provisioning vlan on the switch port that the wan cable connects to, and then I can provision and send it config information, reboot, upgrade or downgrade firmware etc, once again i can ping the management IP but cant connect to it via port 80, not even from abother device in the same vlan / LAN range as the management IP, so no firewall issues

I have a W and a V version, both are doing the same thing

Any ideas or suggestions would be appreciated 


Please share the tech-support logs if the device is onboard with two VLANs  (PPPoE broadband vlan and  Management vlan) configuration or  send screen capture of cnMaestro provisioning of  two VLANs(PPPoE broadband VLAN and  Management VLAN)( Email Id: