cnPilot R190V for 10Mb, 20Mb & 30Mb

Hi all! I would like to know how is the cnPilot R190V performing these days.

The speeds I will offer to my customers are 10Mb, 20Mb and 30Mb.

I chose cnPilot R190V since I will deploy VoIP in a few months from now, and those have ATA ports.

There are some customers that won’t need VoIP at all, and for them I’m considering cnPilot r195W.

Is there a huge difference in performance between both models? Given the speeds I will offers?

If so, I may consider acquiring a chunk of r195W as well for customers without VoIP.

Please advice. Thanks!

Not fan of 190v or w. We keep pulling them out for R195W or R201. Constant drops. Not as bad as it use to be

They work well up to 60mbit

Yeah, I have had a great experience with the R190V/W so far.