cnPilot R195 Home Router Installation Problem

I’m trying to install the router and I can’t get access to the device web management page through the https:! It says “no internet access” and won’t connect me… I don’t know what to do? HELP!

Hi Mark Bontrager ,

I see https syntax is wrong .
To access router in default mode , please connect LAN client to it and access through .
Yellow ports are LAN and marked as LAN1,LAN2 and so on.
If you are still facing issue please let us know.


Nilesh, Thank you very much for your reply! I did use the correct syntax… and it didn’t work. Got the same error message… I’m using a Lenovo laptop using Windows 10. I was plugged into LAN1 and the lights for both Internet (WAN) and LAN1 were on. But, I couldn’t get to the router login page.

I was able to get to the, but only to the Basic Setup and Health pages. It never showed that I had access to the internet.

Thank for any help you can bring me.


Hi Mark ,

Even from login you can get ADMIN access , Just use your admin credentials and you will have full UI access. Default Admin credentials are admin/admin.
Also, can you check what IP and gateway IP your laptop got from router . Try login to router using the gateway IP your laptop got from router.
If you have connected WAN interface to a device which is giving IP in same subnet as default LAN subnet , LAN subnet will change to and you will get IP’s from there. In that case you have to access UI using
If this doesn’t help Please raise a ticket on and we will look into your router .