Cnpilot R195W Wifi keeps shutting off

Getting really tired of these units just shutting down the wifi for no apparent reason. reboot them nothing power them off nothing, Only thing that seems to get them back up is if we go into CNmaestro Local and go into the config advanced settings and check the boxes that says radio on or off. Choose turn them off upload config then turn them back off then relaod config.

Software is on latest production 4.7.2-R10

Today customer already had those boxes checked as radios on. So only thing I did today was check the box for the Wifi channel and choose a static channel instead of AUTO and now the Wifi is back on.

When this happens you see no clients connected and when you go to the tools option in cnmaestro and choose wifi scan it says nothing is in the area which is how we know this issue is happening.

Question is WHY is this happening to ALL these R195W’s I have seen reports of ethernet ports flapping, random config’s being pushed out to the routers but the ISP is not initiating them.

Seems like there is a serious flaw in these things and we have hundreds out there. We are stopping any further deployments of them. We have lost all faith in this hardware.

Anyone else see these issues? Wifi should not just shut off on its own!

We were seeing this quite often. It resolved after making the two tickboxes required to enable/disable each band part of the CNMaestro Template. Is this issue naturally resolved as yet?

RadioOff=${2.4 Ghz Radio 0-ON 1-OFF (CHANGE BOTH)=0}
WiFiOff=${2.4 Ghz WiFi 0-ON 1-OFF (CHANGE BOTH)=0}

RTDEV_RadioOff=${5Ghz Radio 0-ON 1-OFF (CHANGE BOTH)=0}
RTDEV_WiFiOff=${5Ghz WiFi 0-ON 1-OFF (CHANGE BOTH)=0}