CNPilot R201 - Update to 4.5 fails


Ive tried upgrading 3 CnPilots from various versions to 4.5 and they all failed. 

After failed upgrade i can no longer see them online in cnmaestro and i can no longer access GUI from my laptop connected with cable. I can however SSH to the router and the laptop is online through the router so its working. I just cant configure it anymore:(

I see several posts about this issue but no solution.

Whats up?

Thanks for the note. I have forwarded this to our support team and the development team.

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CnPilot running firmware older than 4.3 MUST not directly upgrade to 4.5-R7. Instead such devices should first be upgraded to 4.4.2-R2 firmware available on the Cambium support site. Thereafter the devices can be upgraded from 4.4.2-R2 to 4.5-R7.Please open a support ticket to recover devices 

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Would it be an idea to put some sort of intelligence into cnmaestro regarding this? 

If currentversion < 4.3

then max-upgrade = 4.4.2-R2

There must be a lot of pissed off customers atm.

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We are in the process of doing it automatically in cnMaestro.