cnPilot r201P dropping wifi clients randomly on both 2.4 and 5ghz

Hi everyone, looking for a solution to the cnPilot r201P dropping wifi clients randomly on both 2.4 and 5ghz.



So I am connected to the wifi on laptop and have zero issues... on my iphone it is a different story.  Was using Disney plus on my phone and was streaming fine for awhile then closed it and re opened it and was unable to connect to disney plus but still had internet access through the 2.4 and 5 connection.  Went into my phone settings turned off wifi on and off and phone reconnected to access point and disney plus started working.  Any suggestions would be great!

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I have forwarded this to our support and product teams

Thank you!  I have opened a tickert with support but the only solution was try to reproduce the issue and have the logs on.  The issue is random and hard to reproduce but I did find a thread in the forum from 2017-2018 where another individual with the exact same issue but nothing was resolved.  They literally said if they switched from the not working 2.4 to 5 it worked and when they switched back to the 2.4 they had throughput again or if they turned either 2.4 or 5 off and on again either from the client device or from the router they had throuhput again for a bit.  The later is what many of my customers have been doing but they are highy annoyed by it.

Thanks for the details. I will forward this to product management.

I also found a thread from 2019-2020 and users where experiencing the same thing but there was no resolve.

I would move on from these routers. They're unstable.

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Please confirm if my understanding is correct ? You are saying that you had trouble only connecting to Disney Plus, while you would browse through internet  for other applications/sites ?

Based on what we can glean from Reddit, Error 42 indicates an issue connecting with your Disney Plus service. That could be a server error on Disney’s end or it could be an issue with your internet connection.

What is the error code in your case ?


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No, the issue is that any device, mainly apple products, that connects wirelessly to the 2.4 and the 5ghz gets dropped by the routers wifi and when one turns the wifi off and on again on said devices it reconnects and works for a bit but then it does it again.  its very random for when it does it.  I have multiple customers complaining about this issue.  I do have 2 r195w in the field an thay are workin flawlessly.   I need a solution because both of my suppliers are not able to get me any r195w for 6-8 weeks and I have customers to keep happy.

I agree, what would you suggest?  I have 2 r195w working amazingly but both my suppliers cannot get me any of those for 6-8 weeks, so im begging cambium or anyone for a solution for the r201p or even a different model that is stable in the home/small busines lineup.   Thanks!

Try the following:

  1. Update to software release 4.6
  2. TURN OFF the "Hardware NAT Enable" feature under Network/LAN.
  3. TURN OFF the "IP conflict detection" feature under Network/Advance.

These three steps have reduced or eliminated the problems you've mentioned for other people.


Hi Eric, thank you for your suggestion but I have already tried this and still same results.  I did forget to mention that this router is in bridge mode.  I have one r201p in router mode that is the gateway with internet.  I go out lan 2 on the router that connects a wireless bridge consisting of 2 force 180s.  On the other end of the wireless bridge is the other r201p that is in bridge mode, I have set the wan ip to bridge, type is ip bridge, dhcp service type is pass through.  I also set up the second wan connection to bridge the wan and lan as per cambiums instructions.  

Aside from this scenario I have two customers experiencing this as well but they do not have a wireless link and a second router in bridge mode in the mix. Thanks!


So I swapped out the troublesome router that was in bridge mode with another r201P to see what happens.  

Hi ,

Can you send the configuration and cleary drawn topology file to my mail ID ?

Also, share the detailed step to reproduce this issue . Even if its random we need to reproduce it in our test setup to debug it . If we can reproduce it 1-2 times we will have some clue about your issue.

Cam you also Please confirm if issue is only with apple client and all other clients are working fine ?

How long client was not able to access internet ?

Did it ever recovered on its own or you always have to disconnect/reconnect to recover it ?

When issue happens, are you able to ping router LAN network from client ?(Just want to undersatand if its issue due to DNS resolution or wireless radio) 



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I can confirm that this issue appears to also effect android, samsung s7.  Have not tried to disable hardware NAT and IP conflict issues.  Have not experianced this with laptop / windows wifi drivers / devices.  Also does not appear to effect amazon Alexa Echo. 

Issue is not present on E430.  Similar makeup, Mikrotik Router, r201 in bridge mode.  Was present also on r195 but can only confirm on beta software release though significatly less consistant.  R201 would happen at least every 24 hours sometimes multible times.

Email sent with config file to your email Nilesh22,

Not sure what details to give to "reproduce the issue" but basically that on an wireless device the internet stalls out so to speak but the router does not lose internet connectivity only the client that is connected to the router.  The only fix is going to the devices wireless settings and turning the wifi off and on again an everything works fine... bit some experience issues 15 minutes later some a day or two later.  I have scoured the forums and this is nothing new as the r201p routers are concerned, there is a plethoura of evidence there is an issue with these routers.  Like I said its not easy to reproduce this issue but appreciate your help, I started with 50 r201p routers and I have some that are working perfectly normal and others that are not.  I had one customer with this very issue and so I setup one in my lab with the identical setup to my customer and I could not reprodue the issue.  So I took the router I

used in the lab and swapped with the one at customers and its been working great!  So now I am about to setup the one from my customers place in my lab to see if it happens in my lab


So I have the router up and I have a speed set to 30 down and 10 up and my wireless clients are my laptop and my iphone.  Significant differance in speed tests... my laptop continuosly tests at 30 and 10 but my iphone continuosly trests at 12-15 down and 5-7 up

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Thanks for configuration file and detailed description . I will try my best to reproduce this issue in my lab and debug it.



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Any update on this issue?  I have random customers expierencing the same issue.  

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Any solution yet or am I sitting on hundreds of junk routers?

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Nope… as you can see from the thread and others in the forum the problems are still happening.

I also found a thread from 2019-2020 and users where experiencing the same thing but there was no resolve. This has fixed my Disney Plus Not Working issue too.

We have been fighting the wifi drops of the cnpilot for years. Started with r190, r190v, r195, r201 and now the r195p. We have seen all the different models do the same. Wifi drops. I have opened tickets before with no real results. Sad to say, but we moved to a different wifi router. We love cnmaestro and have relied on the data collected to help trouble shoot. Unfortunately, we have lost way too many customers due to this to justify staying with the cnpilot series. RIP