cnPilot R201P MAC changes


We have been  using the cnPilot R201P routers for some time now and they seem to be working well. However I have run into a problem with the router MAC address changing when I use the firmware, 4.3.2-R4. This is the same firmware that we have used since we started with the routers. When I started the programming process the box, the label on the bottom of the router, and the MAC in the router were all the same. After I uploaded the firmware the MAC address in the router changed. Can someone please give me some insite to this? 

Thank you,


Hi Malessa ,

Can you let me know between which two versions you did upgrade/downgarde and MAC adresses before and after upgrade ?Also , can you send screencapture of status page and syslogs to my mail id



Have you received any new cnPilot R201P with new MAC address series (58:C1:7A:xx:xx: xx and BC:E6:7C:xx:xx: xx)? If Yes,  then please upgrade the device only to 4.4.2-R2 image.  

Please do not try to upgrade or downgrade to any other image (Example: 4.3.X, 4.4-R7, 4.4.1, 4.2.x etc). it is recommended to use 4.4.2-R2 for all Cambium R-series devices.

If you have observed above issue with old MAC series (00:04:56:xx:xx: xx) devices. Please send more details information about this.


An official Field Service Bulletin has been released on this issue.  If anyone experiences this issue, please contact Cambium Customer Support for assistance in recovering the device.  FSB9074 is below.