cnPilot r201p or not?


My company uses Cambium equipment for our radio broadband. We have used cnPilot r201p routers since they arrived, but now our Norwegian supplier says that they have gone out of production and they can not get more. Nor can they come up with a any new model. We use cnMaestro.

Is it true that it is out of production?

Which router should we possibly use instead?

Bjørn Terje


The r201P is still technically available, but demand is shifting rapidly to the r195P as a direct replacement.

If you will direct message me at my Cambium email, I can get you a demo unit of r195P.

the r195P is:

  • the same price as r201P
  • same GE ports, same ATA voice ports, same 30V Cambium power-out
  • 20% faster Wi-Fi throughput
  • 30% better radio coverage (actually, the main value of the better radio is higher client SNR)
  • dramatically improved electrical surge protection

I think you’ll really like the new r195P. it was released in August 2020 and many service providers have evaluated and approved it for use as a direct r201P replacement. There is a Wi-Fi only version called r195W that was released in Q4.2019 with the same performance and quality improvements vs previous generations.

One more thing: if you reach out to me, we can discuss the next generation Wi-Fi 6 technology that Cambium is developing for Service Provider residential Wi-Fi

Thank you for asking,