cnPilot R201P RF Quality issues


We just deployed 15 cnPilot r201P at separate sites all using the same template. Each site is reporting poor quality RF. I have tried disabling 5ghz to see if the performance went up on the 2.4ghz. Any sugestions on what we could do. Here are the settings were using.

Abandon the r201P as soon as you can, they are completely unreliable and have to many issues. We stuck it out and that landed us with a bunch of useless routers and unable to return them. Completely unhappy with the product, do not waste your time. If you search the forum you will see many years of issues that have never been resolved. Best to reach out to your local cambium distributor and get a refund or at least exchange for some r195w routers… these still have some issues but not as bad.

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The 201 is useless, go with the 195w.

Or alternatively, use other wifi6 residential routers as cambium seems to be lagging behind the industry by miles.