cnPilot r201P terrible throughput when connected via wifi, hard lined is spot on....

As per the subject line, anyone have this issue?  I have a 50mbps up and 25mbps down that is spot on when connected directly to the router.  Connected wirelessly, on the 2.4 band, the speed tests are completely inconsistant beside the router or away from the route.

Could you send us the configuration of r201 routers

I will get that to you asap!  Thanks

What did you find here?

Hi sorry for late reply....Well on my own troubleshooting I have found that the cnpilot r201P has terrible coverage and it keeps dropping wifi clients randomly.  I have tried changing setings and such with little result.  My main issue is with the wifi dropping the clients randomly and I have customers extremely annoyed with it.  I did replace one with a r195w and that is a fantastic router, works great!  So I am returning all my unopened r201p routers to my dealer and moving forward with the r195w.  But I am still looking for a solution to the wifi dropping clients on the r201p.  I am going to post a new post shortly.

Please share your results when you get it sorted. We have a few R200 and R190V routers with very poor WiFi throughput. We've often wondered if it is just poor manufacturing or a damaged system, but it would be very nice if it could actually be fixed.

Hi, I will definitely post if a resoluton is found... Nilesh with Cambium is working hard at trying to reporduce the issue.

See this thread

Also see here.

Still testing, but these settings improve performance from what I can see. For now I'm not supporting A/B/G and only N or on 5ghz AC/AN. Then settings as follows:

  1. 2.4ghz on 20mhz channel only.
  2. Set "Operating Mode" to "Greenfields" on both 2.4ghz and 5ghz.
  3. Turn on A-MSDU on both 2.4ghz and 5ghz.

Pulling files from a NAS were snappier.

Other changes as mentioned before.

  1. Disable "DNS Proxy".
  2. Disable "Hardware NAT Enable".
  3. Disable "IP conflcit detection".

I haven't confirmed if IP conflict detection is working on firmware 4.6 but the others still seemed wonky after some quick tests.

Getting over 100meg on 2.4ghz in a 20mhz channel. R201P

Thank you for your, post.... I have 70mbps plan, no issue testing that hardlined but I can barely get 35mbps over wifi, I applied exact settings you posted to a r195w.

@iBound wrote:

Getting over 100meg on 2.4ghz in a 20mhz channel. R201P

We just received 40 r195w and the first 2 out of the box had terrible results on the wifi for throughput, both 2.4 and 5.

Hardlined speed results were bang on but wifi not so good. 

This situation was a customer moving from satellite internet to our fixed wireless service, 20mbps download speed.  standing right next to the router we had 12mbps....and as you can guess it got worse as we moved away from router. 

Now Ive tried above said settings and it made no difference, Im actually really fed up with no answer to this issue that a TON of people are complaining about and Ive done extrensive testing.  To wrap this up and make it easy for eveyone.... we put in the customers previous router that they used with their satellite provider, a d-link router, and we had 20mbps throughout the whole house, riddle me that!

Having cambium routers for deployments is grest to have that extra step for managment and troubleshooting without the truck roll.  Cambium please fix this issue, this is not isolated, to many people on this forum have experienced these issues and have seeked out a solution.


Does anyone have a template we can use to change these settings using maestro?