cnPilot Routers not Grouping with SM on Version 1.6.2-r11


Since we updated to 1.6.2-r11, new cnPilot routers (R200P) are not "grouping" under the SM.  Any tricks to get this working?  The routers are sitting at the top, under the "Default" group.


Just to be clear, you're saying that the R200P devices are showing up directly under the "default" network in the "Networks" tab and not Default Home under the "WiFi AP Groups" tab?  Correct?

So, cnMaestro usually groups our devices as shown in the diagram.  SInce the update, the cnPilot "Wi-Fi Status" is not grouping like this anymore - it's orphaned and not linking.

Is cnPilot R powering the SM directly or there is a switch in between?

Yes, we are useing the PoE out to power the radio direcly from the router.

Can you please send me your SM MAC and cnPilot MAC via private message.

Would like to debug why after update this happened.


I tried to send it, got a strange alert, please let me know if you not get it. :)

Please check, I think now the cnPilot R has discovered your SM as parent.


What was the fix here as I have a similar problem.  The WAPs only seem to link to a site and not to the parent SM.



If the CnPilot Routers are moved under Site , then they will not be shown under the SM. 

If they are moved out of Site and are under the same network as the AP and SM then they will be shown under the SM provided these cnPilot Routers are directly connected to SM.

I thoguth this was fixed - Cambium said that all was required was a router re-boot.  This seems to have fixed the one that the technician was working on.  However, I've not been able to duplicate this "fix".  There must have been more that they did in the router or radio than a reboot....

Hi Ryan,

Can you please let us know whether the R200 is connected to a ePMP/PMP SM. Also please send us the topology diagram of how the AP, SM and R series devices are connected and any management or data VLANs are configured in AP, SM and R series devices. Based on this information we can proceed further with the troubleshooting.