Cnpilot RXXX firmware customization

Is there any customization option for the firmware of the cnPilot RXXX devices? It would be oriented to the WISP clients. Customized firmware in order not to give access to the administration of network/core configurations (PPPoE, etc …). In the same way that operators carry out such as VODAFONE, MOVISTAR, etc … Could it be done through API or DHCP options in a centralized way? Could someone guide us and give us support? or at least give us some guidance on how to carry it out? Thank you very much. Greetings,

the CN pilots support DHCP option 66 (we use it extensively to update firmware and autoconfig the units)   the knowledge base has configuration examples on how to set this up.  I've also made a few posts in this section detailing how we broke down the autoconfig process to change it a touch to suite each type of router uniquely.    easy and straight forward with these units. 

you can also use TR69 (common for the big players) , VPN, and another logical WAN interface to maintain control of these routers remotely. all of which are documented in the KB. 

 In current 4.4  software release has role-based user access functionality.


Only admin and the Normal user can access configuration of administration of network/core configurations (PPPoE, etc ...)  and the Basic user has only access to  Wi-Fi LAN configuration and parental control DNS configuration.


Or Operator can change username and password all users(Admin, Normal, Basic user ) if the operator does not want to give access to the end user.


 The operation can manage the device using the below methods.

  1. cnMaetsro
  2. TR069.
  3. TFTP(Option 66)/Http/Https provisioning .
  4. SNMP
  5.  Access of GUI using separate VLAN  management interface.

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