cnPilot SSID / PW Override in cnMaestro

I request the ability to override SSIDs & passphrases for individual cnPilots in cnMaestro. That would allow for a customized experience for the home user without creating a ton of extra profiles that need managed.



This might not be exactly what you're looking for but if you go into your AP Group and click User-Defined Overrides at the bottom you can add the above 2 lines and it will allow you to add and chnage the SSID and passwphrase for each individual router. If you would like a static default value you just need to specify it in the User-Defined Oveerides section. Ex. SSID1=${SSID=CambiumNetworks}

Is there a way to do this  so that it will NOT override what is currently in place?

If so then we could modify another config to just assign a SSID and Passphrase, correct? This could be changed for each new unit.

Theres a couple different opitons you can do, and yes that second option there would work as well. I try to avoid that though because even with the most basic AP Group it has a lot of settings that could alter your custom config. On our standard config I just set a random SSID in the actually AP Group settings then in the Overrides I set a standard SSID AND the variable. If you don't set anything specific when pushing the config it would come up with what you have predefined in the override. SSID1=${SSID=CambiumNetworks}. In that case <-- "CambiumNetworks"