cnPilot syncing to cloud

So we have several routers that were initially setup via the cloud but have been moved to on-premise server. Unfortunately we're having an issue when these units get defaulted they somehow are connecting to the cloud first? and gathering their config from there. Why are the routers connecting to the cloud at all as a first option before being instructed to do so? We have our DHCP option configured properly.


      Once the AP resets to defaul configuration it looses the previous configuration to reach on-premise cnMaestro. 

I assume the previous cnMaestro URL configuration was static. For AP's to contact on-preise cnMaestro, the cnMaestro IP/URL should be provided to the AP thru DHCP offer message. Please configure option 43 or option 15 on the DHCP server providing IP address to the AP. I'm attaching a document on cnPilot AP onboarding for your reference.