cnPilot WPA3 and Roadmap

Hi there,

Just wondering if/when WPA3 will be available with the cnPilot Enterprise APs? Is there a current roadmap resource available?

An old roadmap document mentions WPA3 will come with release 4.1 (see page 14 of the linked PDF


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The 11ax APs support WPA3 as soon as we release them (Q2/Q3 2020). For the 11ac Wave 2 APs, the current target for WPA3 is H1-2021.

Hello @KumarK
are there any news about WPA3 released on cnPilot 11ac Wave2?

No yet @InesRC - Target 2H of this year.

Hi there, are you still on track to release this before the end of the year? Older kit from other manufacturers has had this functionality for a long time now. The roadmap pdf linked above showed that WPA3 was originally going to be available at the end of 2018 (page 15)


Still on track. Should be released anytime early next week.