Can cnPilot AP's used as standalone AP's?

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Do I need the controller to manage the AP's like ruckus zone director? 

Is there any notes for setting up the cnPilot AP's as standalone?

To manage all the AP's from a single pane of glass you would need to use either the cnMaestro controller (Cloud or self-hosted) or AutoPilot (AutoPilot is similar to Ruckus Unleashed if you are familiar with Ruckus products).

Both options are free, even the cloud version.

The cnPilot user guide goes into detail around setting up the AP in standalone mode. You can view this guide Here (login required).

Could I please ask is there any reason why you want to configure the AP in standalone mode rather than use the controller?

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Hi, the reason I would to use cnPilot as standalone is that I would like to integrate cnPilot WiFi access points with 3rd-party providers of Guest Access Portals. Can I use cnPilot AP's with controller as well for this scenario?

Yes this can be done with the cnMaestro controller. When setting up the Guest Network select "External Hotspot" as shown below:

It may also be worth checking that your 3rd-party Guest Access Portal is supported. May I ask what Guest Access Portal are you looking to use?

RGNets Controller

Yes this does work with RGNets.

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If you don’t mind me tipping my hat in to the ring, we onboarded Cambium into our platform & currently distribute it globally.

If you would like a chat, please let me know.

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No hardware required with our platform. Cloud-based, fully GDPR compliant, & working with cambium in the US/EMEA/ASPAC.

Priced for both yourself & cambium to work well together & very easy to setup & get working.


Thanks Lee, this is very helpful.

I have a question, how do I monitor AP's by site? As in cnMaestro it shows everything.

Like in Ubiquiti UniFi, once logged in with your cloud account, it shows all sites. Then click on a site and it shows all AP's associated with a site. 


You would have a cloud captive portal account that will show you not just per site but also live analytical data, as well as the ability to bespoke design landing pages, messaging strategies & a few niche options.

To add, our solution compliments cnMaestro it does not replace it.