cnPilot200 no DNS lease for SkyBoxQ connected via Wi-fi/Ethernet

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We are experiencing an issue with our customer’s SkyBoxQ.
According to cnMaestro, it is getting IP address
I called customer and asked to set Manual IP settings in SkyBox, also to add DNS server - it was working for some time. Then it stopped and our engineer went to the site and set DNS on SkyBox to Google DNS - it was working for some time again (Matter of minutes).

We are wondering how to remotely set DHCP DNS to Google via cnMaestro cnPilot Templates (config file).
I am not sure which lines in config file I have to change (dnsMode, dhcppridns, dhcpsecdns etc.) to make sure SkyBox is getting Google DNS.

All other devices connected to the cnPilot are working properly.

Thank you very much
David Riedl
Lothian Broadband

Hi @David_Riedl


Please create a template with the above lines to change the DNS servers to google primary, secondary DNS
Push this configuration template to DUT via cnMaestro

Jaiprakash G