cnPilotR190w Auto Channel Issue

We have hundreds of cnPilotR190w in the field all being managed with cnMaestro, all with the latest firmware. The default WiFi setting is 'Auto' for the channel selection. Our experience is ALL the cnPilot's are defaulting to Channel 1. We have many that are in a high-density areas and as you can imagine these devices are fighting with each other. Unless we statically assign the channel assignment the devices are always on Channel 1. Shouldn't the 'Auto' look and see that Channel 1 is crowded and select a different Channel upon bootup?

Its my understanding that it should. Have you tried rebooting the device? And if so does it force the channel change?


Under default 'AUTO' configuration, a device looks for the most suitable channel at the time of boot, and locks to that channel. Do all the units always latch on to Channel 1 even after reboot ? This is not a known issue. However I will try to get this checked in our lab and revert back to you.

Are you performance issues ? If yes did you see improvement when manual channel selection.

Or is it only an observation ?



I resolved the issue last night. To answer your question, yes the units all were on channel 1. I was seeing performance issues. When I manually changed the channel, the performance issue was resolved.

Here is what I found and I chnaged. The units were defaulted to 'Auto' channel, but it was also defaulted to 20/40Mhz. When I foreced this to 20Mhz only. Then the units started selecting channels. With 20/40Mhz, as you know, the channel availability is only a few channels. So I suspect the unit was unable to find a better channel with only a few to choose from.