cnRanger Software Release 1.1-r3 is now available

The official release of cnRanger software 1.1-r3 is now available.
The the latest release can be found on Cambium Networks Software Support download site -


System Release 1.1 for cnRanger supports following features:

  • Bridging functionality
  • SFP port support on BBU
  • Addition of LTE statistics on BBU GUI
  • PCI Lock and Frequency Scan List on SM
  • Major bug fixes which improve link stability and overall performance of the system


  • cnRanger Sierra 800 Baseband Unit (BBU), 8X8
  • cnRanger 2 GHz Palisade 220 Remote Radio Head (RRH)
  • cnRanger 2 GHz Tyndall 101 Subscriber Module (SM) CAT4

:exclamation: If you have received BBU which is running 1.0-b25 build, please follow below procedure to upgrade:

  • Upload sierra_upgrade.tar.gz package downloaded from cambium website to FTP server.
  • SSH to BBU using IP address and default login credentials: admin/admin.
  • From SSH prompt run upgrade <ftp path for sierra package> --no-migrate-config
    Example: The ftp url upgrade ftp://cambium:cambium@ --no- migrate-config

Feature Overview

cnRanger System Release 1.1 provides support for the following features:

Feature Description
Bridging Release 1.1 adds bridging feature which enables users to bridge traffic from network above the BBU to SM. This also allows user to assign public IP address to end users.
SFP Port Users can now enable SFP port for data and management traffic on BBU.
PCI Lock and Frequency Scan List Release 1.1 adds support for frequency scan list along with PCI/Frequency lock functionality on the SM.
LTE Statistics Release 1.1 adds new statistics on the BBU GUI along with more information for RRH.

Feature Descriptions


Bridging feature allows to bridge traffic between network above the BBU and network below the SM. Once network is upgraded to 1.1 release, user can enable bridging functionality on BBU and SMs.

To enable bridging on BBU:

  1. Navigate to Configuration > Network page.
  2. Enable the Bridge check box.
  3. Click Save.

Reboot is not required to enable this feature.


To enable bridging on SM:

  1. Navigate to Configuration > Network page.
  2. Select operating mode as Bridge.
  3. Click Save to save the settings.

Reboot is not required to enable this feature.


SFP Port

Starting from system release 1.1, the SFP port or the RJ45 port provided in the BBU can be enabled.

:exclamation: Separating management and data traffic between two ports is currently not supported.

To enable the SFP port:

  1. Navigate to Configuration > Network page.
  2. Select Ethernet Interface as ETH1 (SFP) from the drop down.

PCI lock (Tyndall 101)

Release 1.1 supports configure scan list on the SM and Cell Priority List.

To set the SM to scan specific frequencies, navigate to Configuration > Radio page. To configure scan list, SM must be set to scan specific band. (If LTE band is set to Auto, SM will always scan all frequencies).


To add cell (RRH Frequency and PCI) to the Cell Priority List:

  1. Navigate to Configuration > Scan Results page.
  2. Enter the PCI of desired cell in Add to Cell Priority List.
  3. Click Save.
  4. Cell Priority List will be populated with PCIs entered after SM finishes scanning.

Fixed issues in 1.1

  • FURY-1754: (BBU) Fixed issues with SIM (IMSI data) import after BBU boot up and factory reset.
  • FURY-1818: (BBU) Fixed issue for RRH status not getting updated on cnMaestro after BBU reboot.
  • FURY-1834: (BBU) Fixed issue with SM dropping sessions due to queue corruption.
  • FURY-1871: (BBU) Fixed issue for SMs not registering in two sector (RRHs) case for certain configurations.
  • FURY-1872: (BBU) Fixed issue for throughput fluctuations in Frame Configuration 2 (75% Duty cycle) and 20 MHz channel bandwidth.
  • FURY-1890: (BBU) Fixed Cambium ID which was not displayed on BBU Dashboard.
  • FURY-1894: (BBU) Fixed device agent issue for not sending location information to cnMaestro.

Known Issues and Limitations in 1.1

  • FURY-1848 (All) After onboarding cnRanger network to cnMaestro, SMs are currently not shown under the BBU in device tree.

    Workaround: Use service cdm set tyndallnetwork/wan.0/apMacAddress.0 <RRH MAC> command on the SM. Replace <RRH MAC> with mac address of the RRH to which SM is connected. SM should be run on SSH console of the SM.

  • FURY-1918 (BBU) On rare occasions, SM can take a bit longer to register after BBU is rebooted. This is more of an issue in case of multi-sector deployment.

    Workaround: Fix will be available in next release.

  • FURY-1950 (SM) Sometimes SM which is set to scan entire band can register to a different cell (RRH) if it belongs to the same customer network.

    Workaround: This issue can be avoided by setting PCI and Frequency on the SM.

  • FURY-2003 (BBU)

    After setting AMBR on BBU for each IMSI, it cannot be reverted back to default of unlimited AMBR.

    Workaround: Set AMBR to very high value if default (unlimited) setting is required.

  • FURY-2004 (BBU) BBU GUI sometimes gets stuck or response will be slow while accessing Statistics > SM tab.

    Workaround: None

  • FURY-2013 (BBU/SM) Distance reported in 10 MHz channel bandwidth by SM, is not correct. This does not affect actual performance of the sector.

    Workaround: None

  • FURY-2018 (BBU) cnMaestro shows RRH as offline even when RRH is UP and working. Occurrence of this issue is very low and random.

    Workaround: Fix will be available in next release.