cnReach 500 900 MHz addl info

New to the Cambium forums, and I've searched to the best of my ability, but I can't seem to find user/setup guies for the cnReach 500 900 MHz solution. I'm thinking this might be a great replacement for I/O mapped Phoenix Contact RAD series I/O, which cannot be integrated into an NMS such as Maestro.

I am looking for additional information on the cnReach 500 900 MHz radio solution, namely:

* Is the I/O "mix-and-match"? Looking though the limited info available, I wonder, for instance, if I can set the I/O up for I/O(1) = AI1, 4-20ma; IO(2) = A21, 4-20ma;, IO(3) = DO, IO(4-8) = DI? It is not clear in the limited IO Expander doc if you have options based on jsut "defined IO groups), or if each point can be individually set up and ranged for its specific purpose.

* is there a range of Modbus addresses pre-assigned to these registers, based on their functonality?

* LinkPlanner appears to show at least 3 antenna alternatives that are compatible with this unit. Are there more?

* are there any link budget tools available for the Cambium series? I located a link in one of the support forums, but it was broken (404), probably due to the migration of the support web site links.



Hi Rather,

Regarding the cnReach, These are the information that we have.

Could you please go through the link which are shared below.

Please  do let me know if you are looking for any more information.



Good morning Sreeram,

Thanks for the efforts, but yes, I've reviewed those videos previously, and they do not answer any or the questions I noted.

We are thinking of purchasing a couple if evaluation units, but I have some questions to resolve, before we consider the potential future purchase of 10s or a hundred of these units, for water system applications. Does Cambium have any released documentation for these units, besides the brief I/O list?


K Rather