cnReach and SNMPv3

Hi all. Having some trouble with SNMPv3 on cnReach radios.

Manual does not at all explain what privacy protocols and authentication hash functions to use. Choosing MD5 and DES56 doesn't work. Choosing SHA1 and AES128, 192, 256 doesn't work.

When I switch the radio to use SNMPv1/2 I can reach the device from our NMS, but not when using SNMPv3.

Virtually no information in the manual at all regarding SNMPv3 except for basic setup.

Oh yeah, and another thing I don't like about the SNMPv3 configuration page is that the privacy and authentication strings are stored in clear text. Really Cambium?

Anyone else here having a problem using SNMPv3 with the cnReach?

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I have forwarded this to the support and development teams.



Here's the example command to query the cnReach with SNMPv3 if you are running linux (I configured authentication password and privacy password to be both "admin1234")

snmpget -v3 -u admin -a SHA -A "admin1234" -x DES -X "admin1234" -l authPriv .

Here's the result:
iso. = STRING: "NB-N500710A-US"

Hope that help.

While we support SNMPv3, we really think that it is more secure (because we use https) and more user friendly if you use cnMaestro to manage the radios (and this is used by majority of our customers).


Yonghao Lin.