cnReach EP antennas / "bearing to Access Point is outside recommended range"

A couple of questions about cnReach in Linkplanner (UHF 430 - 450 MHz)

1. Linkplanner only includes a a couple of omnis and one whip option for End Point antennas. Am I missing something? If I want to use a yagi do I add it using the the "Other" option. Will the modeling be as accurate as it is for the antenna options that are preloaded?

2. For one of the links that I'm modeling, the antenna tilt at the EP end "0.4 degrees (uptilt)" is shown in red and there's a message indicating "Bearing to Access Point is outside recommended range. Performance is not guaranteed." The link is about 4.8 km with some fresnel zone obstruction but other links that have worse looking profiles don't have this problem. What's going on?



1. You do not appear to be missing anything.

If you'd like to use a different antenna for the end point (different from the ones offered), use the "Other" option, or the PTP Antennas under Project Configuration.

The modeling will be just as accurate, provided you've entered the appropriate Gain in each band.

2. The antenna bearing refers to the antenna's azimuth, whereas the uptilt refers to the antenna's elevation.

You may want to check the antennas' bearings and elevations to see if they look reasonable. (If LINKPlanner is complaining about the bearing of an omni antenna, you may have discovered a bug! :) )

Please feel free to send your LINKPlanner file to, and we can investigate further, if you're still getting this message.

I hope this helps!


Hi Dave

Both antennas are omnis. The EP is south of the AP and when I change th AP azimuth from 0 to 180 the message clears and the link looks good. I sent a copy of my file to the linkplanner email.



Thank you for sending your file. We will investigate and report back.



As I mentioned to you via email, you have discovered a LINKPlanner bug.

I'm sorry!

We have just released a new version of LINKPlanner that has a fix. Please get it here:

Thank you for bringing this to our attention.

Thank you also for being patient while we fixed our bug.

Please let us know if you need anything else.