cnReach features status: cnMaestro integration, potential for cry-out features, local simple logic

Good morning cnReach folks,

(1) I've looked through the latest cnMaestro release, and there is no mention of the cnReach products, although I thought a past post noted cnReach units were compatible with cnMeastro. We've downloaded the latest/greatest cnMaestro applicance of local use, and while our ePMP Force 180 radios find it just fine, we don't see any of our deployed 20+ cnReach N500s reporting for onboarding. We've instelled and tested the latest cnReach OS.

(2) I wonder if there are any future plan for cry-out reporting features. For example, if we have a slow polling scheme of 60 seconds, but we have a discrete point that may be opened and closed in that time (say, a door or a hatch), we would not see it. A cryout set to a certain state (such as "1" or "0") would be helpful. Am I missing something, and this is already available?

(3) I wonder if there are near-term plans to add features such as local logic for simple controls (such as if channel 7 discrete = 1, set channel 8 = 1, such as opening a valve if the tank gets to a hihi level).

(4) Reading through past forums, it looks like Cambium might be working on a version of wireline passthrough. I wonder if this will be granular to a channel point, and one-to-one, or one-to-many? This might be a good solution to pass a current tank level to multiple pump stations that influence the tank level, pump permissives, etc.



1. We have had some delays in getting cnMaestro support publicly available. We are currently targetting end of Q2 for this support. We expect to support not just on-boarding and monitoring, but also config and firmware pushes. 

2. We don't support a cry-out feature at this time. However, point noted and we will start to invesitgate the feasibility of adding this. 

3. This is under development. We expect to have something similar in Q3. 

4. This is also under development along with #3. 



Good afternoon Sriram/Cambium moderator,

We have implemented the newest 1.63 release of the stand-alone, on-premise version of cnMaestro, excited to see 40 cnReach radios register along with our Force 180 radios and ......... nothing. The cnReach are still not recognized / registered, the documentation says nothing about their support.

Any word on when Cambium will once again support cnReach radios in cnMaestro? cnMaestro registration of cnReach radios worked for a short time early in 2018, and then subsequent releases do not support them.


K Rather

What's the status of on-premise cnMaestro support for cnReach?



Hi Don, we are actively testing the release candidate for a version of cnMaestro that will support cnReach.  I currently expect to see a release in mid to late December.  We'll keep you posted here on the community and you'll see an announcement when the release occurs.  If you are interested in being a beta customer for this functionality, please drop me a note.

- Bruce