cnReach: How to reset to factory defaults

Through this article we aim to provide the procedure to reset a cnReach to factory defaults.

The following equipment is required to reset a cnReach to factory defaults and verify the IP address:
• Serial to USB adaptor
• 2x Standard CAT5/6 Ethernet cable (one for serial and one for ethernet)
• cnReach N500 DB-9 to RJ-45 adapter (NB-N500005A-US)
• Serial terminal client (Putty, HyperTerminal, SecureCRT etc)
• Standard CAT5/6 Ethernet cable

Configure the serial client as follows:
• Speed: 115200
• Date Bits: 8
• Stop Bits: 1

On power up, the device will display a 3 second countdown before booting.
Press “CTRL + C” to break out of the boot sequence and enter the Boot Menu

Press “2” and “Enter” to reset device to factory defaults

Type “reboot” and “Enter” to reboot the device

Once the device has rebooted, log into the device:
Username: admin
Password: admin

Type “show ifconfig” to display the current interface configuration. vlan1 will have a default IP Address of after the factory default.

Configure the ethernet on the PC to a 192.168.0.x/24 address (i.e:
Connect to the the device’s UI using its defualt IP address @
Username: admin
Password: admin

VLAN1 is the default VLAN that the IP is bound to.

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What is the procedure for a N550?
I can get in via serial but then I’m prompted for a username and password.
The manual says to use debian/temppwd but that does not work.
Is there not a similar way to do a factory reset for a forgotten password?



Access cnReach on serial port
Username debian
Password C@mb!um123

sudo dpkg-reconfigure cambiumedge
then reply to a few question prompts
radio is reset to factory default