cnReach I/O Expander and more... and more

I had a customer ask about I/O expansion. 

Did you know that cnReach has onboard I/O inputs totaling 8 plus 2 native serial ports?  If additional I/O ports are needed, the cnReach I/O expander can be used to fulfill this need for an additional 8/2?  Need more?  Each I/O expander is individually addressed with an IP address so if MODBUS TCP is being used, connecting to each additional expander is a breeze.  Daisy chaining or converging to a switch at the site are two easy solutions.  

Does anyone see needs for I/O expansion past 1 I/O Expander Module?

Do you have a similar application  or question?  Feel free to share or ask.

Thanks to Bruce Collins for the clarification

Kent Brown

Depending on the client requirements, you could easily reach 30 i/o lines and this heavily depends on what kind of monitoring is required. Dry contacts are used for just about every type of access, fire and flood detection. A simple circuit can be made to provide high and low battery voltage triggers as a dry contact.
I am sure this is not new to you but there is a very good example of a directly monitored system that can easily get over 12 contacts and depending on the granularity required can be in the order of 100 contacts. Using ModBus tcp and a graphical monitor such as lookout you can build quite the complex monitor system. The serial ports could be used to communicate to actuators that control relays.

I have a scaled down version of something similar monitoring and reporting my tower site conditions and battery states.

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