CnReach I/O Help

I am having trouble with the I/O on CnReach. I have a switch hooked up on my AP in the digital input slot and want it to output to a light on the EP. I have tried many different settings to get this working with no luck. Any advice/help would be much appreciated! 

Hi, it sounds like your goal is to read a digital input on one cnReach radio and then set a digital output on another cnReach radio's digital output pin.  In order to do this today you need to use a MODBUS tool, script or library to read the value from the first radio and then write the value to the other radio.  The MODBUS register map is viewable in the cnReach GUI.

In the future we are investigating a mechanism to read and write values in a simple scripting language on the radio itself which will eliminate the need for an external MODBUS master.

Regards, Bruce

Thank you for your help!