cnReach IO Expander

Check out the specs for the cnReach IO Expander. Post your questions and comments to this thread.

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Can  CNReach IO Expander managed and controlled by CNMeastro ?

What SCADA protocols IO Expande support ?



Yes it can be managed by cnMaestro.
"The I/O Expander has the same management interface as a cnReach radio and can be managed by cnMaestro for a complete integrated solution."

-from datasheet RayS posted

EDIT: Later on in the datasheet also says that it is on the roadmap.

cnReach can be provisioned and managed within cnMaestro.  This includes both the radio and the IO Expander.  Future cnMaestro updates will add support for configuration and software updates.

The IO expander has the same serial and Ethernet interfaces as a cnReach radio.

The actual I/O channels can be read and written using Modbus.

If you have an application for the IO Expander I would like to hear more details so we can ensure the features are well-aligned and what problems you are planning to solve.

Regards, Bruce

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