cnReach N500 HA Locking Up

Recently we installed a N500 HA base station. We first commissioned the base as ISM on a single frequency as we waiting for our license. Both radios had the cn-EBX.5.2.18g and FW 1.57.20870. I reprogrammed R2 to a licensed radio and then rebooted R2 and upgraded the OS and FW to the 5.2.19.d with the corresponding 1.57 version as noted on the support site. I verified communications and settings–all was well. Then I repeated the process for R1. However, before rebooting the radio to start the file updates, I noticed that even though I had changed the configuration from ISM to Licensed, on the main screen the device ID was still showing the default of “456”. Also, the RF Statistics were still reflecting the single ISM frequency of 905.0 instead of the new licensed frequencies. Finally, no matter how many times I rebooted the radio, I could not change the baud rate from 45kbps to 57 or any other setting. It would always revert back to 45. These issues persisted even with the change to the latest OS and FW. Then the next day the unit was locked up and we couldn’t ping any of the three IP devices.
We had to snowcat to the mountain top and power cycle the unit. Before the power cycle, all devices were powered on, however the ethernet ports were not active. We tried bouncing the port on the external switch with no success. Nothing would talk until we power cycled the base. We are scheduled to remove and replace the base in the next couple of weeks. This is the third time we’ve had issues with the N500 HA bases. I recently benched tested and staged some new equipment for another MAS network. Come to find out that the new N500 HA base was loaded with N550 firmware. Also, we had another base that the antenna lead to the RF switch, the TNC connection was crimped incorrect. The threads were on the wrong side of the center and wouldn’t provide a solid connection. We had to replace the cable. Then we had to replace the remote in that same base. We’ve had all this equipment for about 6 months and on a scale from 1-10 of satisfaction, I’m barely maintaining a 2, 10 being very satisfied.